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I'm a software craftsperson living in Vancovuer Canada. I mainly work on problems that I see in the open-web ecosystem, mostly in terms of the distribution and ease of use of HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

I enjoy speaking from time to time, if you are interested in having me contribute to your conference, please let me know.

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I've spoken at several conferences such as GOTO Cicago, Copenhagen, & Aarhus, RubyConf Argentina, CascadiaJS Seattle, NodeBrigade, VanJS, JSConf Washinton D.C., Erlang Meetup Vancouver, OSCON San Jose, Future Ruby Toronto, MerbCamp San Diego.

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Brock co-founded Chloi Inc. in beautiful Vancouver, BC–where he works with the mighty Rob Ellis, Jorge Pedret, and Kenneth Ormandy.

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